Butterfly Effect

Small causes may have momentous effects...

As I work on names for the pieces of my new collection, "Reaching", I have been taking the time to meditate on human connection and what that really means. It's true that the smallest touch, or gesture of kindness can have long-lasting, even momentous impact on another person. It has been an inspirational reminder for me to continuously show kindness to all I come in contact with and to remember to give more than I take. In these strange times, I have been spending more time at home in isolation, but have found myself reaching out more. Yes, it's through the wonderful technology we are privileged to have access to, but it's connection nonetheless.

What does human connection look like to you? Is it in those moments when you are with your loved ones, or perhaps a phone call or facetime... zoom maybe? Is it when you share your lives with one another through a social site such as Facebook, or Instagram? Is it only in the warm, caring touch of another, or can we truly experience human connection through technology?

Regardless of how you answer the above, kindness in those connections is paramount. It's kindness that enables us to really listen, it's kindness that leads us to compassion, and it's in kindness that we find the love that touches others.

As you reflect on the world around you, I encourage you to seek out opportunities to show kindness in your own way.