Art Is My Saving Grace

Some days I struggle to engage with the world. My anxiety wells up and weighs me down so much so that all I can do is sit, curled up in a ball, on the couch under a giant pillow or blanket. Yesterday was a day like that for me - and that is why my normal email didn't go out to my subscribers. (Sorry guys!) BUT, this is where art, painting specifically, comes into play for me.

Painting is my solace. The act of painting allows me to focus my mind while the color play allows me to work through underlying emotion that I may or may not know is there. This is what I call emotive painting. Sometimes these pieces start out very dark, or chaotic but they help me offload the heaviness that is holding me down. As my anxiety lifts or my panic subsides, and my mind clears, I am at peace and able to re-engage with the world. I am also then able to paint the pieces that I bring to my collector base. 

I always use these emotive pieces as a base for other paintings as well. My emotive paintings are not always beautiful to look at, and that's okay. When I use them as a base, I am reminded of how painting saves me and helps bring me back to who I am. By using these paintings to create my final pieces, it also allows me to share a piece of my soul with my collectors.

I am so passionate about emotive painting and mental health awareness because it has helped me tremendously. If you are ever in a dark place and want to try emotive painting to see if it works for you, please email me or private message me. I am here to be your advocate. I offer private, virtual sessions for emotive painting and would be happy to schedule time with you.

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day today and that something special brings a smile to your face.